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About Us

We love people and we love coffee. A crazy idea "to start our own coffee company", led to this thrilling adventure. Wiara Coffee is all about celebrating great taste and building relationships.

You're in great company

The word "Wiara" is a Polish word that literately means "faith", but in a broader context, it also refers to a company of trustful friends or warriors. The roastery was started with one of those "imagine we start our own coffee company" moments, by two brothers who love coffee. They made the very wise decision to include their Dad in their adventure, just to keep them in check.


We like to mix things up – all of our great coffee flavours are based on the best blends. We source our beans from Ethiopia, Rwanda, Burundi, Brazil and Colombia, and with a careful selection process, developed our original signature tastes. And then there is our special one of a kind Whisky infused coffee, a taste experience like none you’ve ever had.





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