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Every craft coffee roaster has their own distinct approach to ensure a unique, yet flavourful bean. At Wiara Coffee we take our craft very seriously - our motivation is your best coffee experience!

inspiring originals

In order to ensure that every cup is a perfect cup, we have to maintain an exceptionally high standard when selecting the beans that would be worthy of our brand.

 Our beans are imported from trustworthy suppliers that can consistently guarantee great quality - the condition of the raw bean is critical. Wiara's unique taste was designed around coffee beans from distinctly characteristic African and South American origins. These nations are celebrated coffee producers in their own right: Burundi, Rwanda, Ethiopia, Colombia and Brazil.  

All our coffee is roasted medium with a dark tint.

elements of a great cup

With coffee. as the most consumed beverage on planet earth, one would think that it would become easier to to ensure a consistently special coffee experience. So many different aspects contribute to the success of every batch that great care has to be taken in the selection, roasting and preparation of every cup. Good coffee deserves nothing less, and we remain faithful to bringing you just that!  

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Perfect Blend


We use the Rwandan and Ethiopian beans as our base for our blends. The Ethiopian bean is well rounded, smooth and mild with a fruit-like aromatic taste, while the beans we source from Burundi/Rwanda is sweeter with a lovely caramel taste and a hint of citrus.
Our Brazilian bean has a low acidity with a nutty taste for a smooth everyday drinking coffee. The Columbian bean has a higher acidity, providing a stronger taste for that perfect first cup of the morning!

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The best of blends

Wiara Coffee boast four unique blends, that we absolutely love for it’s distinct diversity and beautiful flavours.